• BMW 750Li may not be the one with the new 7-series’ flagship version. However, the car is well suited as it is very quick and equipped with a V8 engine that produces 479 lb-ft (650Nm) of torque and 445 hp. Hence, it accelerates 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 4.5 seconds. However, seen in most …   Read More

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  • BMW 8 Series is getting ready for its launch. However, this is not the first time that BMW is going to launch such a model. Bimmerphile are well aware of the fact that previously BMW made such a launch. Recalling from the period between 1989 and 1999, the Bavarian automaker showed up their excellence by …   Read More

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  • The new BMW M5 is dubbed as one of the most powerful vehicles ever made by German automaker. However, just before Los Angeles Auto Show, BMW announced the pricing of the 2018 M5 for US market. It will start from $102,600 (excluding $995 handling and destination fees). The hike in price can be attributed to …   Read More

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  • It was in the year 2012 when BMW revealed i8 Concept Spyder and now we have the production version of it. The official name of the vehicle is BMW i8 Roadster and is a drop-top plug-in hybrid sports car. In its final teaser image, LED headlight design has been showcased. BMW i8 Roadster will be …   Read More

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  • Branding BMW X2 as unique is quite right as it will be mass produced. However, BMW is claiming X2 as unique through new promo. This message in their new advertisement may shock some but there are certain claims made by the company. In the long version of this commercial, there are many tall claims made …   Read More

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  • BMW M760Li is the all-new machine that unveiled from the BMW factory. It is a stunning example of the creativity of BMW. The car is now showcased in Abu Dhabi. Targeting mainly the local customers, the exterior of the BMW M760Li comes in a very special color. However, the color is known as the Long …   Read More

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  • It is been a week that the reports emerge that BMW i3 models will go into a sales stop state. However, reports say that BMW had ordered for this sales stop in all the United States i3 models. However, the company was on the edge of recollecting all the sales made in BMW i3 since …   Read More

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  • Are you eagerly waiting for the re-appearance of the 8 Series? However, the dates are approaching fast. Moreover, the Bimmerphiles are also waiting for the same day. What about, if we provide you with fresh bundles of story and photos? Great… isn’t it? As revealed by BMW Blog, the BMW M850i is getting ready to …   Read More

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  • Even though BMW hasn’t revealed M2 Competition as of yet, but several reports suggest that the production could be starting from next year from the month of July. This news surfaced on BMW Blogs which has over the years has made some right predictions. There are many Competition models from the BMW M division. This …   Read More

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  • It is true that the BMW M5 was an experimental model with rear-wheel drive. However, BMW had surfaced with the news. They said that at the first stages of the BMW M5 development they thought of a rear-wheel drive BMW. Dirk Hacker, the vice president of M division of BMW, stated that initially, the F-90-generation …   Read More

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