• Bentley Bentayga is made from get-go for performing. However, it is even made to perform off the road. This is something extraordinary. However, Brits have proved themselves proficient in this. It is an excellent offering. Such a rendering will take things much further. Bentley Bentayga is an imaginary concept. Rain Prisk imagined this model. Here …   Read More

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  • Bentley revealed that they would the expanding the SUV segment by introducing an electric version. They also disclosed that they are very much interested in introducing all-new sports car. Bentley has been procrastinating for years whether to introduce a small SUV or launch sports car. Now they confirmed that both of them will see the …   Read More

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  • At the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show, we got to see Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept. It certainly gathered attention of the crowds at this event. It is an important car from Bentley and would act as preview the styling direction which would follow the next-gen Continental GT. In this post, you are going …   Read More

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  • The Bentley Bentayga is a seven, five or four seater. It is an ultra luxury five door SUV produced by the Bentayga for 2016 model year. It is built in England, Crewe at Bentley’s main factory. It is claimed that the Bentayga is the fastest production SUV in the world. This Bentley Bentayga is different …   Read More

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  • Bentley is planning to offer a hybrid version of all its future models. Wolfgang Duerheimer is the CEO of the British company. He said that the manufacturer thinks plug in hybrids is not only a temporary bridge technology until EVs arrive. But it is also a platform which provides the best characteristics of ICE cars …   Read More

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  • Bentley revealed the new Continental Supersports. They describe as the most extreme model ever. We never expected that Bentley Continental Supersports will have 1,017 Nm of torque and 710 PS  from a redeveloped W12 engine. The company claimed that it is the most powerful luxury and world’s fastest four seater. The new Bentley Continental Supersports …   Read More

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  • Bentley is welcoming the 2017 with the launch of the new pinnacle Grand Tourer. They will launch the most extreme road going model on 6th January. It has released a short teaser video of its model despite being coy previously that whether there would be a second generation Continental GT SuperSports. It offers a glimpse …   Read More

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  • Bentley means luxury, beauty, refinement. However, the Tuning Company Mansory has given a look to the Bentley Bentayga. It is more fast and furious than the English country manor. This new model will make its debut in November at the Specialty Equipment Market Association before being made available globally to the buyers. The Mansory treatment has …   Read More

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  • We all love vintage cars as they were having a touch and art associate with it. But with modern times the entire art of making such cars are getting lost. There are some people who still try to restore old models, but they do charge for it. No, its not about restoration shops but there …   Read More

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  • If you are visiting Westfield Mall in London do check out the new dealership of Bentley. Apart from this dealership you will also see showrooms of many popular brands such as Zara, Apple Store, H&M, and Victoria Secret’s and many. Bentley has another name for it and it goes by Bentley Studio. The location is …   Read More

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