• There has been a lot of speculation about a range topping and high performance version of new Audi Q5. Now we can finally confirm that it is really happening. Dubbed as Audi RS Q5, it will be slotted between RS Q3 and RS Q8. It will rival against the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 and Porsche Macan …   Read More

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  • As we have already discussed before, Audi is planning to introduce many more performance crossovers. Now we have additional news about it and can confirm which form it will take. If new reports from Auto Express are to be believed then Germany’s Performance division are working on the R8 Q8. Audi RS Q8 will take …   Read More

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  • It was less than a year when the Audi RS3 LMS was first revealed at Audi Summit in Barcelona. The RS3 LMS is already a huge commercial success. Recently, Audi delivered its 100th RS3 LMS and it came with few interesting features. The said Audi RS3 LMS is dress in Gold livery and is well …   Read More

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  • The highly anticipated 2018 Audi A8 made its debut last week. Its design is inspired by Prologue Concept. People are still eager to know more about this vehicle. Even after the official presentation, there are still many features which need to be shown the customers. To do that they have released a series of videos …   Read More

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  • One week from now, Audi summit is going to be held in Barcelona. But before all that Audi have decided to shed some more light on the upcoming 2018 A8. Audi haven’t been able to keep the lids on this luxurious car and it has been under spotlight for many months now. The design of …   Read More

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  • Audi electric supercar is confirmed to come up in future. However, there are electric supercars like Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive and Audi R8 e-tron. But these models have not caught on buyers really. However, automakers will not give up them soon. Audi electric supercar is a part of the company’s plan. The head of …   Read More

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  • There should no doubt that Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus is one of the powerful convertible made by Ingolstadt based company. It complements the like of R8 Spyder and will feature lots of goodies that are present in the fixed roof car. Now the first commercial of Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus has been released …   Read More

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  • Audi has just released another teaser of their upcoming A8. Even though the company didn’t reveal much about it, but it showcases its fresh interior and also it’s autonomous parking feature. This autonomous parking system can be activated using the key fob. The interior of the new 2018 Audi A8 comprises of new steering wheel …   Read More

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  • For many Audi R8 is already a formidable supercar, but there are some people who would like to see a makeover of it to make it more interesting. It was introduced in 2015 and comprises of evolutionary design based on R8. There are many tuner version of Audi R8 and joining the bandwagon is German …   Read More

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  • When the controversy over Dieselgate erupted in the year 2015, everyone knew it was going to be problematic for Volkswagen. Some of the Volkswagen executives are facing jail time and they are also contemplation how to pay billion dollars of fine. It looks like the scandal is on verge of over. Nonetheless, German Government has …   Read More

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