• Production of Audi TT is coming to an end and it is confirmed by company’s chairman Bram Schot. Nonetheless, it won’t be happing overnight as many would have suspected. Audi TT fans can still secure the outgoing coupe and roadster before the production finally ends. Hence, fans must hurry up to get Audi TT Quantum …   Read More

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  • Audi is going hellbent on electric vehicles post the launch of E-Tron Quattro and China-spec Q2 L E-Tron. Nonetheless, the rest of lineup is also getting green treatment but model in question retains internal combustion engine. We are talking about second generation of which has received PHEV version. 2020 Audi Q5 55 TFSI E Quattro …   Read More

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  • Audi is giving fifth edition A6 Black Edition spec to make it stand out even more. This spec is available for Saloon and Avant body styles, regardless of chosen engine with Audi A6. The new Black Edition spec for Audi A6 can be obtained for £44,635 ($57,705 / €51,558) in the United Kingdom. The Black …   Read More

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  • Audi has been struggling with R8 as the company is pivoting towards electrification. It doesn’t mean the end of fun Audi we have come to know. Recently, Audi celebrated 10 years of V10-powered R8, but its future remains in huge doubt. Hence, the question arises what about the future of Audi R8. Now, if report …   Read More

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  • Official Canadian website of Audi has unveiled pricing of the new Q3. Price of the 2019 Audi Q3 commence from $38,900. Germany based luxurious automaker didn’t reveal pricing details of new Q3 for the North American market. Now, the question arises what features will be offered in entry-level 2019 Audi Q3 for Canadian market. Nonetheless, …   Read More

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  • Second generation Audi Q7 receives upgrade from German based tuner ABT Sportsline. The model in question is 50 TDI which is powered with 3.0-liter diesel engine that offers 282hp (286 PS/ 210 kW) and 600 Nm of torque. With the help of engine control unit, output of Audi Q7 50 TDI has been bumped to …   Read More

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  • Canada and United States are first countries to receive ABT RS5-R Sportback. ABT Sportsline is yet to release in Europe and even in their home market. ABT has applied widebody and high-performance touch to the RS5 Sportback. They christened it as ABT RS5-R Sportback and first vehicle is limited to 50 units only. It has …   Read More

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  • Audi unveiled limited edition Decennium based on R8. Audi R8 V10 Decennium marks 10 years celebratory of the V10 engine that powers this vehicle. It will be available only as a coupe and looks unique in every aspect. It is attributed to the exclusive Daytona Gray paint finish and rides on milled matte-bronze 20 inch …   Read More

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  • If buyers are not content with petrol powered Audi SQ5, the German automaker is offering diesel version of the same. 2019 Audi SQ5 Diesel has been unveiled for the European market, and is powered with 3.0 liter V6 TDI engine. The engine is supported by a mild-hybrid system and an electric powered compressor (EPC). EPC …   Read More

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  • 2020 Audi TT RS has been announced and follows the footsteps of the outgoing model but it has few design upgrades. Few of the upgraded styling features include revised front and rear, complemented by large lateral air inlets and a new fixed rear wig with side winglets. 2020 TT RS Coupe and Roadster also comes …   Read More

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