• There hasn’t been much information about the Baby Honda NSX. Over the last 12 months, even the company had not uttered a single word about it. Many people speculated that the project was dead with no future. However, all these reports turned out to be false as new patent images of its interior were leaked. …   Read More

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  • Over the years, Acura has maintained its lead over Infinite with respect to car sales. But now it seems Infiniti is all set to take over Acura. It will the first time in their 28 years as the demand have soared. In this current fiscal year, Infiniti car sales are up by 22 per cent …   Read More

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  • Acura is simply the best company to produce mid range cars. They provide high quality driving exprience with amazing performance. But if you are not so happy with Acura TLX, then now you will have the option for Acura TLX L Prototype. Acura revealed its latest model known as TLX L Prototype at Shanghai this week. …   Read More

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  • Acura NSX is indeed the car everyone would love to possess. Apart from being one of the best looking cars, it also offers a decent performance compared to other cars in the same segment. We are definitely aware of the fact that Acura NSX is having one of the best exteriors, but do they also offer …   Read More

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  • Honda NSX was marketed as the Acura NSX in North America. It is a mid-engined two seat sports car manufactured by Honda. The NSX was designed by Shigeru Uehara and Masahito Nakano. It benefitted from advanced aerodynamics. Its style is inspired by the F-16 fighter jet cockpit. The Honda NSX was the first mass produced …   Read More

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  • The highly awaited 2017 Acura NSX is being delivered to the first customers across US. Acura want the NSX experience to be unique and refreshing and to do that they have launched a campaign “NSX Originals”. In “NSX Originals”, each of the first customers would be receiving a customized film of the production of the …   Read More

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  • Nowadays the auto buyers don’t look interested in sedans. So Acura is feeling the lack of love more than any other brands. Acura wants to increase its now. So it thinks that new design elements will make it happen. According to analysts reported the SUV sales of Acura are failing to counter its dropping sedan …   Read More

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  • The new Honda NSX-GT reworked for 2017 picks up from where the current NSX-GT has left after 3 years of competition. It may look like a track focused version of bodywork, but it has a completely different powertrain. The Honda NSX-GT has turbo four 2.0 litre with paddle shift mesh gearbox. Instead of V6 twin …   Read More

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  • The Nissan GT R and 240Sx competed against each other. This is a type of match that we actually expect. 8- Sec Nissan GT R went in against of 7- Sec 240SX. Both of these two cars are quickest. Hence, they seem to match well. Nissan GT R is the revised seventh generation model of …   Read More

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  • Acura NSX is one mean beast with exceptional handling. This supercar has managed to add another feather in their crown when they did something incredible by recreating Hummingbird drawing. We are familiar with the World heritage site of Nazca Desert geoglyphs. The mystery of this geoglyphs is still being discussed by many experts and not …   Read More

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