Audi TT RS Revealed Production in this Video

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Last month the production of the new Audi TT RS started in Hungary, Gyor at the firm’s facility. The video shows that no expense is spared to make sure that the RS model is built to the exacting standards of the company. In Gyor Audi’s facility covers around 2 million square meters. It brings the Audi TT RS to reality through a combination of expert craftsmen and robots. Though machines can do some hard work as well like marrying the chassis and Powertrain. The employees carry some of the time consuming tasks that include measuring panel gaps by hand and to polish each of the TT RS to leave its production line.

The most interesting thing regarding the new Audi TT RS is how fast it is. It can sprint from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. It is faster compared to the first generation V10 R8. It will take only 3.7 seconds to hit highway speeds.  It is powered by2.5 litre turbocharged five cylinder engine. It delivers 354 lb feet and 394 HP of torque. The engine is paired to an S tronic seven speed transmission that sends power to all the four wheels.

The TT RS which is fastest and most powerful that Audi TT RS ever produced is also very expensive. It costs 51,800.If you look close you can see the twin oval exhaust pipes, the large boot spoiler and the mildly revised front bumper. Mark Dahncke told that the new Audi TT RS will be in the showrooms sometime next year.

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