Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition will be sold exclusively online

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Production of Audi TT is coming to an end and it is confirmed by company’s chairman Bram Schot. Nonetheless, it won’t be happing overnight as many would have suspected. Audi TT fans can still secure the outgoing coupe and roadster before the production finally ends. Hence, fans must hurry up to get Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition and it ensure exclusivity to the owner as only 99 units will be available. Thankfully, the process of purchasing this exclusive vehicle is made easier as it is the first Audi model that will be sold exclusively online from 5th June.

Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition

Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition is sold exclusive in Germany and other European Economic countries. This pilot project for online direct sales is being supported by Audi dealerships. Customers can enquire about it digitally and won’t have to face any kind of obligation about leasing or financing before making final decision to buy the vehicle. If customer does decide to buy Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition, they can get the car delivered to the place and time of their choosing in Germany. Buyers can also opt for vehicle registered beforehand with their desired license plate. The pilot project takes help of Audi Live Consultation, a service that connects consultant to buyers. They will use augmented glasses to transmit live images of the car to the prospective buyer.

Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition

The Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition is based on 45 TFSI quattro S tronic and thus packs a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine is rated at 242hp and mated with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and offers all-wheel-drive as standard. In the said configuration, TT Quantum Gray Edition accelerates from 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds before hitting the top speed of 155mph. Price of Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition starts from €62,305.03. It will be equipped with the Express Red interior design package and partial matting of the “TT” clear coat on the exterior. Audi is planning to make ecommerce a reality for all its vehicle by 2020.

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