Audi S5 Gets new Dress to Become a RS

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Audi S5

Additional growl, muscle and better cornering ability will be a part of Audi S5. The additional specs will aid the RS5 in taking over its peers. The peers include Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe and BMW M4 Coupe. The current renewal makes use of V8 4.2 litre aspirated naturally engine. That is a pretty amazing combo. The latest model will derive power from V6 twin turbo 3.6 litre engine. The outputs remain undisclosed as of now. However, as per rumor mill, it might be around 500 HP. The aforementioned output can make the model have a position like its rivals. The rivals include M4 Coupe and above with 425 HP and C63 AMG Coupe with 503 HP.

Audi S5 two

In spite of the ultimate output, the Audi S5 will be better than its predecessors. The car will also be faster as it will reach 62 mph or 100 kph from rest in mere 4.6 seconds. The outside is dominated by aggressive body kit combined with latest aerodynamic. The car also packs a dual clutch seven speed transmission. The car even inculcates Quattro GmbH along with sport tuned suspension.

The model will also have redesigned back and front bumpers. In addition to redesigned large side skirts and extensions for wheel arches. The complete look will feature fresh wheels of large diameter. Potential buyers can get the car in cabriolet or coupe variants. Given all the amazing specs, the beast will be a pricey item to own. The next generation Audi S5 Coupe will not debut until 2017. However, potential buyers can check out the new S5 and A5 Coupe. Both the models will be up for grabs this fall in Europe.

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