Audi Q8 with Galaxy Blue with Premium quality interior revealed

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Audi Q8 Galaxy Blue

Few days back, Audi teased a high-sped interior without disclosing the exact model that is on display at Neckarsulm, Germany. Later, we came to know the model is question is Audi Q8 and exterior covered in Galaxy Blue Metallic. Aesthetics of the Audi Q8 SUV is eye-catching but we will be talking about interior of the luxury SUV. The interior features a high-contrast that combines wood, leather, Alcantara and aluminium surfaces. Judging by the first look, it looked like Sage Beige- Eucalyptus Wood combo. Nonetheless, it was the not case and it actually is Audi Exclusive interior.

Audi Q8 Galaxy Blue

Seats of Audi Q8 looks like to be wearing dual-tone Havana Brown and Black leather. The wood inlays seemed like Oak. Additionally, there is white contrasting stitching, part-Alcantara steering wheel, Alcantara headliner and door panels. Moreover, it also features piano black finish on the dashboard and center console. Audi Q8 interior looks stunning and it can compete or even surpass its rival Audi A6. Exterior of Audi Q8 is helped by S Line trim and dominated by massive dual-tone 22-inch wheels which is among biggest Audi.

Audi Q8 Galaxy Blue Audi Q8 Galaxy Blue

The vehicle we are talking about Audi Q8 50 TDI. Hence, it is powered with 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine. It offers an output 282 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. The setup helps the Q8 to accelerate from stagnant to 62 mph in 6.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 144 mph. Th vehicle on display has stunning aesthetics, if you are still unsure check out the images provided here.

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