Audi E Tron Imperator exemplified as a luxurious and futuristic technological model

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Audi e Tron

Audi e Tron Imperator is a futuristic concept. Well, there has been a significant rise in electric powertrain and autonomous driving systems in recent years. As a result, this typical vehicle is all set to appear different significantly within a couple of decades. However, this is probably like the Mercedes F015 Luxury in Motion Concept. Keeping this in mind, Audi e Tron has even been offered a luxurious concept. An artist has provided the futuristic Audi e Tron for the year 2028. Audi e Tron Audi e Tron Audi e Tron

Well, the artist is Frederic Le Sciellour. He dubbed the e Tron Imperator. However, it is created for celebrating an event. It is the 100th anniversary of the actual Audi Type R Imperator. This Audi e Tron Imperator packs an electric powertrain. It is just similar to the Mercedes F015. Moreover, a huge cabin dominates it. The cabin stretches along most of the car’s length, apart from its stocky front end. However, the Imperator Concept comes with a luxurious interior. It packs cozy four seats. Audi e Tron Audi e Tron Audi e Tron

Moreover, it loads various technologies which you might expect to have in futuristic cars. Your expectations will turn into reality in the coming decades. Well, the technologies include a big holographic display in the back. This would project a 3D image such as a detailed picture of New York City. Moreover, this concept features a complete digital dashboard. This shows all the things that front passenger and driver would ever need. Last but not the least is the door panels. These discard the traditional upholstery, speakers and handles. Instead, they have the big touchscreens which control the multimedia functions along with other things. Audi e Tron Audi e Tron Audi e Tron

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