Audi e-Tron Electric SUV updated for long range with better efficiency

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Audi is giving technical update to the e-Tron Electric SUV that gives it a longer driving range and also improve battery efficiency. This news comes on the hell of the debut of e-Tron Sportback. Hence, future examples of e-Tron 55 Quattro will be travel up to 271 miles on a full charge as per WLTP testing cycle. It is an improvement of 15 miles. The additional range in Audi e-Tron Electric comes with the new wheel brake that reduces brake torque. In simpler terms, loss was caused due to close proximity of brake calipers to the brake discs.

Audi e-Tron Electric S-Line

Moreover, drive system of Audi e-Tron Electric has become much more efficient thanks to front motor that is almost entirely disengaged and disconnected from the electrical supply under normal driving. Battery pack of Audi e-Tron Electric has a capacity of 95 kWh and 86.5 kWh of it is accessible. Audi also some improvements to the cooling system for better efficiency. Thus, the pump now uses less power because of the reduced volume flows in the circuit whereas the standard heat pump, that harness heat from the battery to keep the cabin warm can add driving range by up to 10 percent. However, it depends on outside weather.

Audi e-Tron Electric S-Line

Energy recuperation system of Audi e-Tron Electric is also improved and can contribute to 30 percent of the overall range. The difference between the three available stages of coasting recuperations are now greater. Driver can use more aggressive setting for a more pronounced one-pedal feeling. Buyers of Audi e-Tron Electric can also get an optional S-Line Package that consist of 20-inch wheels sportier air suspension and bit more aggressive exterior look with sharper bumper on the front and a rear diffuser.

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