Audi Aicon unveils at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept of the future

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Audi Aicon Concept

Audi Aicon is ready to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is a four door and 2 plus 2 concept that it going to represent an entirely autonomous luxury saloon in the future. Audi has tried to demonstrate many innovations through the building of this car. The drivetrain technology, sustainability, digitalization and a luxurious interior are all meant to copy the ambience of a first class airline cabin. Audi don’t want to call it a “robot taxi” yet because of the presence of a steering wheel or pedals. It ticks all the points of being technically and aesthetically superior concept.Audi Aicon Audi Aicon

Audi Aicon has an impressing size with 5444 mm in length, 2100 mm in width and 1506 mm in height. It is clearly placed in the D segment where its 3470 mm wheelbase stands 240 mm long. There is a hard line that runs along the side of the window surfaces and back side of the D-pillar. The concept’s length is emphasized and the volume of the cabin is reduced. The other eye catching features include the strong wheel wells, the giant 26 inch wheels and the inverted hexagonal singleframe that is going to be seen on the upcoming electric cars by Audi. This car has LED lighting technology. The concept doesn’t have any conventional headlights or taillights as there are fully digital displays that have been made by hundreds of triangular pixel segments. The Audi AI symbol will be represented by 3D recreations.Audi Aicon Audi Aicon Audi Aicon

Customers will have the benefit of customizing the lighting features. There will be space for versatile graphics, animations and information in colour of the owner’s choice. Audi Alcon concept offers the possibility of using animations on its display surfaces to warn the pedestrians and cyclists of any danger. The car has the amazing feature to illuminate the road and the places near at high resolution and project signals of danger on the ground. Aicon’s laser and radar sensor system can see everything in the dark. The car has a mini-drone with a flashlight.Audi Aicon Audi Aicon

The interior of the Audi Aicon features doors that open to the front and rear. When you enter the car, you can have access to the entire cabin. When the two front seats are slid to the back then the cabin becomes extremely spacious. The front seats are made comfortable and the sliding can be done effortlessly by the high-pile carpet that moves longitudinally. The individual seats can be swivelled up to 15 degrees that makes interaction with fellow passengers easy. The luggage space is ample. The storage space can be found both on the rear and the front with a total capacity of 660 litres.Audi Aicon

There are multiple input modes available in Audi Aicon. There’s haptic-manual layer, eye tracking and voice control. You can relax in the car by simply watching a movie or surfing the net. You will be able to video chat, and move the large front display on to the windshield. The OLED lighting elements help to block out sunlight or the mood lighting feature. The vehicle is designed to present itself as the transportation of the future. There are four electric motors, two each on the rear and the front axles. 260 kW and 550nm of torque, making each motor drive an individual wheel. The vehicle can cover 434 miles to 497 miles on a single charge.Audi Aicon

Audi Aicon uses damper units and pneumatic spring to smooth out any bumpiness on the road surface. The electrical actuators at all of the four wheels control the cornering, accelerating or the breaking of the car. Audi guarantees to provide comfort, communication and freedom through your long journeys.Audi Aicon

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