Aston Martin Vulcan in US for Black Friday event

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There is lot more to talk about Aston Martin. The Aston Martin Vulcan that is current present in US will be display on 27-28 November in Cleveland for black Friday Vulcan experience. Cleveland motorsports is in the Midwest premiere luxury and sports vehicle auto dealership. The event will be in black Friday weekend at North Olmsted based luxury dealership. Michael Thomas the general manager will be there throughout the weekend to discuss about the Aston martin and Vulcan model.

Aston Martin Vulcan is created specifically as a track only super car and it performs with 800 plus horsepower from 7litre V12 engine which pushes out over 800hp and it is capable of propelling you towards the top speed of 200mph. in fact it can do slightly more than that, it is unbelievable. The Vulcan is named after the roman god of fire and it will be a hot commodity. it is expected that only 24 vehicles will be made at $2.3 million price point and only one will be near you.

This year Aston Martin Vulcan was unveiled in Geneva and at that time it is found that this P1 GTR and LeFerrari FXX K rival will be limited to 24 units worldwide and each was expected to be priced around $2.3 million. In this world there are many people who can afford it and obviously Aston Martin Vulcan was exclusively made for the race track and that means that you cannot drive it on the road legally. As this will be held in Cleveland in US some local celebrities maybe interested to place an first the name that strikes I mind is Cavaliers superstar LeBron James.

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