Aston Martin Mid-Engine rivalling Ferrari will closely resemble to Valkyrie

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Aston Martin Valkyrie 1

Ferrari’s 488 rival from Aston Martin is under development. At this point of time, not much is known about this supercar. British luxury carmaker CEO Andy Palmer did disclose few interesting facts about the supercar. In an interview to Top Gear, he claimed that upcoming supercar will have close resemblance to that of Valkyrie (a mini version). The company won’t be borrowing elements from the successful models such as Vantage. He further added that there is a full-size model present in the studio. Describing it would be easily and anyone would recognize it as Aston Martin.

Aston Martin ValkyrieAston Martin ValkyrieAston Martin Valkyrie

Andy Palmer added that in today’s Aston, A-Pillar always intersect front wheel, but in mid-engine vehicle everything moves forward. It is a huge challenge for them and company is not there as of yet. But with respect to styling, it is going in the direction of Valkyrie. This new Aston Martin will be launched in the year 2020 and which powertrain will be used in unknown. However, Palmer did use the words “very competitive” and they are committed to V12. They also have AMG’s twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 in their kitty for use.

Aston Martin ValkyrieAston Martin ValkyrieAston Martin Valkyrie

Last year, Andy Palmer claimed that the upcoming mid-engine Ferrari rival won’t be fully carbon fiber complaint as it is not optimum. For a car of this proportion, engineers have to be obsessed about weight and aerodynamics. For this mid-engine Aston Martin supercar, Palmer has moved around 130 engineers to Red Bull compound along with others who are also working on Valkyrie. For now, we will have to wait for couple of years to see this magnificent supercar in flesh.

Aston Martin ValkyrieAston Martin ValkyrieAston Martin Valkyrie

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