Aspark Owl Hypercar with $3.6 million price tag is taking pre-order

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Aspark Owl Electric Hypercar

Japan based Aspark is taking pre-orders for their Owl electric hypercar at Paris Auto Show. The name maybe unknown in automotive industry, but the company is involved from robotics to medical devices. Deliveries of the first car will be from mid-2020. Osaka based company is taking non-refundable deposit of $1.15 million and the price of this electric hypercar would be $3.6 million. Only 50 units of Aspark Owl hypercar will be made. Aspark Owl hypercar grabbed attention at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

Aspark Owl Electric Hypercar

Osaka-based owl promises to sprint from dead stop to 60mph in 1.99 seconds using street-legal tires. In February, prototype using racing slick managed the same sprint in 1.89 seconds. Power in the Aspark Owl comes from electric powertrain that promises to offer an impressive 1,150hp and 885Nm of torque. Nonetheless, engineers is still finalizing about the powertrain and considering how many electric motors to use. This electric hypercar is made as light soon as possible and is evident from the dry weight of about 1,500kg. To achieve this feat, carbon-fiber body and magnesium alloy wheels.

Aspark Owl Electric Hypercar Aspark Owl Electric Hypercar

It will be on display at the ongoing Paris Auto Show. If anyone wants to test drive, they would have to wait a year and at Paris marque event, it is just a show car. This two-seater low slung looks to take on the Lamborghini and other automakers. Aspark promises to deliver a top speed of 174mph and driving range of 186 miles. Aspark Owl specification is quite close to the Rimac C_Two with 1,914hp output. It has the top speed of 258mph and 404 miles of driving range. Interested buyers would have to shell out $2.1 million for Rimac C_Two.

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