Arden AR 11 enhances the Evoque before it draws to conclusion

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Arden AR 11

Arden AR 11 to be the latest project of the automaker. However, throughout the years, the company has established its name. Hence, till now it has shown its skills on many vehicles from Land Rover and Jaguar. However, this time the company decided to go with another. And hence, they are into providing Range Rover Evoque a customize look. Arden is working on that. However, they have chosen the small-scale Range Rover for their project. Hence the modified vehicle is been named as Arden AR 11 which comes equipped with a modified engine and new wheels. Moreover, the Arden AR 11 also features entire aero kit, modified interior, and new exhaust system.Arden AR 11 Arden AR 11

Talking about the body kit of the Arden AR 11, it comes fitted with fresh front spoiler, side sills and rear-bumper inserts. Hence, all-new floor mats sets and aluminum pedals are been added to enhance the luxury car driving experience. However, the company has not stated anything about the engine of the Arden AR 11. But it is said to be modified so that it can produce 35 horsepower more. However, the example provided is HSE Si4, which has a 2.0-liter turbo four rated to produce 240 metric horsepower. Moreover, for easier breathing and better sounding, the quadruple stainless-steel exhaust pipes are bee modified. Hence the suspension is been lowered by one and half an inch and adjusted in 22-inch alloys set. Though the features are been equipped in a Range Rover Evoque but it can be fitted in the three and five-door fixed roofs models too.Arden AR 11 Arden AR 11 Arden AR 11

However, Arden AR 11 comes as a modification over the Evoque. But this is not the first time that the company has fitted the Evoque with their designing. However, it can be the last time before the Evoque gets replaced. Moreover, Land Rover has a model ready in their showroom that can replace the model that is been in the market from 2011. However, it is quite long for any Land Rover make and under the group umbrella, it is second to Jaguar XJ. Moreover, the upcoming Evoque is believed to come with a more stylish feature. Hence it draws its inspiration from the Velar which is larger in size. Moreover, the next generation vehicle is expected to be equipped with all modern features. But we surely don’t mind if Arden tries its skills on this one too and bring it out with more enhancements.Arden AR 11 Arden AR 11

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