Arden AJ24 RS is a perfect alternative for Jaguar XE SV Project 8

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Arden AJ24 RS

When it comes to answer for the high-performance Jaguar XE, there is no one other than XE SV Project 8. It not only boats 600hp of output but was able to create Nürburgring lap record in just 7:21.23. However, not many will be lucky to get their hands on it as only 300 units will made and with a price tag of near $200k, not everyone can afford it. Jaguar XE SVR won’t be available easily. Now, the question arises what will a Jaguar enthusiast will do to enjoy this unique experience? The answer for this problem is Arden AJ24 RS and is the next best thing to the highly sought out compact super-sedan.

Arden AJ24 RS

Arden AJ24 RS comes without V8 or even 600hp of output, but Arden has managed to tune the supercharged 3.0 liter V8 engine. The tuned engine offers 463 horsepower and 583Nm of torque. It is an increment of 84hp and 133Nm of torque from the stock version. The performance figures of Arden AJ24 RS hasn’t been released by German tuning company, but is expected to have better acceleration time than standard XE S. Jaguar XE S took 4.2 seconds to achieve the same stats, but is not able to match the powerful XE SV Project 8 as it takes 3.3 seconds.

Engine upgrade isn’t the only thing that comes with Arden AJ24 RS, as the company also includes full aero kit. This aero kit has new front splitter, rear apron, rear spoiler, side sills, hood, and wheel arches. New set of 20 inch forged alloy is fitted in the hollowed space and the interior can be changed according to the customer’s requirements. Arden is offering custom modification to make it more enjoyable. It needs to be seen how Arden AJ24 RS is taken by customer, but it is a good alternative for Project 8.

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