Arden AJ 23 SVR based on Jaguar F-Type SVR revealed with 703hp

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There aren’t many vehicles around that can challenge the German and Italian automakers, but Jaguar does have a trump card that could outdo its competitors. Jaguar F-Type SVR encompasses everything buyers look for in a vehicle. It’s stylish, powerful and comfortable. Fans love Jaguar F-Type, but SVR takes up a notch higher. Jaguar F-Type SVR makes it presence felt in world of supercars. Stock version of Jaguar F-Type SVR uses supercharged 5.0 liter V8 unit that offers 575hp and 516lb-ft of torque. It takes 3.5 seconds to hit 0-60mph before reaching the top speed of 195mph. For those who think that there isn’t scope for performance then they are wrong. Arden AJ 23 SVR based on F-Type SVR takes it to a new level.

Arden AJ 23 SVRArden AJ 23 SVRArden AJ 23 SVR

German based tuning company have several changes including aerodynamics. For instance, front grille is replaced by their in-house developed grille with illuminated logo. Carbon fiber parts are heavily used and it gives visual highlights. Arden AJ 23 SVR sits on set of 21 inch monoblock wheel. Two different designs are “Arden Sportline” and “Arden Sportline GT” is available. Arden claims that they offer more agility and reduces unsprung mass. To enhance driving performance, Arden four wound suspension springs has been included that reduces center of gravity by 25-30 mm and stable cornering.

Arden AJ 23 SVRArden AJ 23 SVRArden AJ 23 SVR

The engine has been massaged to deliver 703hp and 873Nm of peak torque. This improvement is possible with the help of eight specially forged pistons, supercharged upgrade, modified air intakes made from carbon and adapted electronic control system. Arden calls this vehicle as AJ 23 Race Cat. These changes will also improve acceleration figure and takes 0.5 less to hit 0-60mph. Lower kit reduces height by 25mm to offer optimal driving behavior.

Arden AJ 23 SVRArden AJ 23 SVRArden AJ 23 SVRArden AJ 23 SVR

Source: Arden

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