Apple iOS introduces Do Not Disturb in driving mode

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Many of us get a tempting feeling to check out message, or our Facebook while driving which can be disastrous. From now on new Apple iOS 11 will help you in curbing this urge and will promote safe driving. The name of the new feature is “Do not disturb while driving”. Apple introduced this at Worldwide Developers Conference and also introduced few new products. The “Do not disturb while driving” (DNDWD) is a part of iOS 11 which will be available on iPhone and iPad.

Apple iOS 11 Do not disturb while driving

The “Do not disturb while driving” is activated when the device notices driver behind the wheel. When it notices that it will mute the notifications. The screen remains dark, it even sends out text message to inform the other person that the driver is driving and will respond when he/she reaches the destination. The “Do not disturb while driving” features uses information regarding the Bluetooth connectivity and nearby Wi-Fi to determine if the phone is present in the moving car. The feature is automatically activated when the user of the phone is driving.

Apple iOS 11 Do not disturb while driving

But that doesn’t mean that one cannot override it manually and take that risk. Even the passengers (drivers too) can override this function. Passengers of this car will also be getting notification on their Apple iPhone that “do not disturb mode” is activated. They can simply push “I am not driving” icon and continue to use their phone. Apple iOS 11 will be launched this fall as free software update for iPhone 5s or later. The new iOS will be also available on 6th Generation iPod Touch and latest iPads.

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