Apple Car could be using hollow type batteries

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Apple Car Concept

Apple Car is back in the news again. The iPhone maker recently joined hands with a South Korean company. This South Korean company is a battery maker. Apple’s Car project is known as “Project Titan”. This non-disclosure agreement is supposed to be for the Apple Car. According to MacRumors, the company is none other than Orange Power. Orange Power currently employees 33 people. 25 of these employees work in the Research and Development department. This South Korean company already has a patent to its name which deals with hollow type batteries.

These lithium ion batteries are cylindrical and has hollow center. The thickness of the center is said to be 2 inches. This news is based on the report by ETNews. The patent application shows us that the batteries can be stacked up serially or in parallel without any need of welding.  The center of the batteries generates most of the heat. With the implementation of hollow type batteries airflow would improves drastically and would do cooling automatically.

Hollow Battery Design in the Orange Power patent application might be used by AppleSo a heavy or larger cooling system won’t be required. Because of these features, packaging would be easy and also it would make the car lighter. ETNews also revealed that hollow type design would also help to enlarge battery capacity. This affects the car range too. Apple Car is eager to set up and Research and Development center in the city of San Francisco. Magna Steyr is set to build the Apple Car. Apple isn’t planning to sell this vehicle. They are thinking it as a car sharing program. It will be while when we could encounter Apple Car. As report suggests that the launched date has been set in the year 2021.

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