Apple Car Concept Version from 2076

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Apple Car

There aren’t many details about the automotive program by Apple as of now. However, a designer from Istanbul, Turkey named Ali Cam has a unique tactic up his sleeves. He is all set to reveal what he thinks the Apple car might look like. Ali fast forwards his mind 60 years from now instead of just imagining what the car might look like in the year 2076. The brand would celebrate its centennial in the year 2076. Apple would require a vehicle or Apple car that is as eye-catching as iPhone. Ali thinks the brand’s design philosophy would be extra minimalistic over the next sixty years.

Apple Car

Cam foresees that Apple would move towards sharper edges in the year 2026 and iterate one the aesthetic after that. Ali’s Apple car has a swindling simplicity. The car’s profile has a sharp wedge while the front end resembles a computer mouse. The minimal shape disguises all the impressive details. The doors open in dual sections. A hardly visible smooth top slides upwards and reverse hinge body sways out similar to the Rolls Royce Wraith. The door handles are replaced by door sensors for recognizing the owner.

Apple Car Apple Car

Ali’s vision includes that people needn’t drive to places in 2076. Thus, the interiors are couches at the front and back of the Apple car. A holographic display is in the middle for running the apps. The smart glass on the inside works as the arching roof as well. The car lacks wheels because Ali thinks the future roads would be magnetic. The formula would work on opposite poles of the magnet.

Apple Car Apple Car Apple Car

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