Alpina B4 S “Edition 99” arrives in Geneva as coupe form

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Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”

Alpina has brought B4 S Edition 99 at the Geneva Motor Show. Even though it is available as Convertible and Coupe, they showcased only Coupe. The displayed car packs dual-tone Fire Orange and grey liveried exterior. As the name Alpina B4 S “Edition 99” suggests, only 99 units will be made available. However, in Coupe form it will come with all-wheel drive whereas Convertible comes as RWD only. However, additional paint options are available such as Alpina Blue, Sapphire Black and Mineral White. The design inspiration behind of Alpina B4 S “Edition 99” comes from 1970s successful BMW Alpina race cars.

Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”

Hence, German tuning company is offering a Fire Orange exterior with a Heritage Design option where selected body panels are covered in an Anthracite wrap. The same example is on display at Geneva Motor Show. With regards to Alpina Classic wheels, it has Ferric Grey shine and measures 20 inches in diameter. Inside of Alpina B4 S “Edition 99” can be had in Alcantara Anthracite or Carbon Leather trim, with matte black paddle shifters, a hand-finished Alpina Lavalina sport steering wheel with contrast stitching. Additionally, there is hand-finished floor mats, stainless steel production plaques with limited edition numbering and electrically adjustable sports seats.

Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”

To improve driving dynamics, Alpina has installed a revised Sport Plus Suspension whereas body reinforcements can be found at the front and rear increase torsional stiffness and sharpen up chassis response and feedback. Power in Alpina B4 S “Edition 99” comes from straight-six 3.0 liter bi-turbo engine that generates 445hp and 660Nm of torque. Special lightweight titanium exhaust system has been developed with Akrapovic. It can reach 62mph from stagnant position in 3.9 seconds and top speed of 188mph with xDrive version. With rear-wheel drive version, acceleration time takes 4.2 seconds and max out at 190mph. AWD and RWD versions can be paired with a limited slip differential.

Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”Alpina B4 S “Edition 99”

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