Alieno Arcanum electric hypercar promises to be 5221hp beast

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The list of unknown supercar manufacturers claiming mind boggling statistics is not new. For some time we haven’t heard from such unknown entity, but now a Bulgaria based company by the name of Alieno has come up with a hypercar that is nothing short of extraordinary. This company was formed in the year 2015 and the name id derived from Italian and means “Alien”. Dubbed as Alieno Arcanum, this electric hypercar has revealed their specs which are similar to Devel Sixteen. It is said that four variants are under work and the first one delivers 2,610hp and 3275lb-ft of torque.

Alieno ArcanumAlieno ArcanumAlieno ArcanumAlieno Arcanum

The second one claims to offer 3482hp and 4366lb-ft of torque. The third one said to have 4351hp and 5458lb-ft of torque whereas the range topping version to churn out a whopping 5221hp and 6490lb-ft of torque. If you are shocked by the figures then don’t be as this is what Alieno claims to offer. As these statistics suggest, these specs cannot be achieved through road-legal internal combustion engine. Thus, all four Alieno Arcanum models will inculcate “direct drive electric powertrain”. The flagship model with 5221hp will comprise of six electric motors per wheel in its powertrain. Hence, this gives us 24 small electric motors that can be controlled individually.

Alieno ArcanumAlieno ArcanumAlieno ArcanumAlieno Arcanum

The acceleration time for the Alieno Arcanum has not been disclosed but claims that it can reach top speed of 303mph. The battery has graphene LiPo cells and supercapacitors and ranges between 60 kWh and 180 kWh. The largest battery offers driving range of 634 miles on a single charge. Alieno Arcanum also claimed to use robotic suspension along with pushrods, traditional double wishbones and adjustable anti-roll bars. Hydraulic system, regenerative electromagnetic system and air braking will provide braking. Order for Alieno Arcanum is now open and pricing will range from €750,000 ($878,000) to €1.5 million.

Alieno ArcanumAlieno ArcanumAlieno ArcanumAlieno Arcanum

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