Alfa Romeo Stelvio releases new commercial for US released

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Many fans around the globe know the name Alfa Romeo because of its style and appearance. However, there are many who are unhappy with its reliability. This brand is well known and well received all over Europe. Nonetheless, this brand is relativity unknown in US. This Italian brand wants to change it for good and it is not the first time they have attempted to do it. To promote the all new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, they have dropped a 30 second video teaser for US customer.

The new video of this SUV is quite unique. The narrator in this video in his charming voice narrates us a catchy poem and informs about bland SUV’s which are available in US market. He also adds how Alfa Romeo Stelvio is different from all of them. The new video is targeted towards millennial and young generation and judging by first look they have done a terrific job. It needs to be seen if any prospective buyers would be interested in buying Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV after watching this small commercial.

For such an iconic Italian brand, the video might be taken as brash and loud. Back in the day, they introduced 4C but it wasn’t received praise or attention that it deserved. Post that they have introduced Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV. Slowly and steadily it is making its mark in US customer consciousness. For now, just enjoy the small video clip and see if it is interesting or not. It won’t take too much of your time.

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