Alfa Romeo Stelvio with 280 hp unveiled Exclusively for USA

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio will get revealed exclusively for USA. The launch event will occur in the coming New York Auto Show. The range of the new SUV of Alfa eliminating the Quadrofoglio model will feature 2.0litre turbocharged four cylinder petrol. It will be injected directly. The car will produce 280 horsepower and torque of 306 lb-ft. All the Alfa Romeo Stelvio models feature Q4 all-wheel drive system. The drive system is merged with automatic eight speed gearbox. Moreover, the steering portion has paddle shifts of aluminum.

Alfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio professes to cover 0 to 60mph within 5.2 seconds. It also claims to have the highest speed of 144 mph. Alfa Romeo’s head, Reid Bigland talked about the upcoming new car. He said that 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a token of the brand’s venture. The brand is progressing into the second quickest growing premium segment. Moreover, it will open another vital chapter of 105 year rich heritage of the brand. However, the brand will provide two car models, the Stelvio and other the Stelvio Ti. The Stelvio Ti will feature more kit than the first one.

Alfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo Stelvio

It will possess front heated seats, steering wheels and wheels of 19 inch. The other features include front park sensors, widescreen 8.8 inch infotainment display and interior wood accents. Alfa Romeo Stelvio model will offer Lusso and Sports packages as options. However, the Ti models will feature exclusively the Lusso package. All the brand new Stelvio models along with Quadrifoglio super performance model will deliver the highest power. The cars will come in outstanding designs and mesmerizing style. They will be a complete package of upgraded technologies, usual all-wheel drive and deliver racing performance.

Alfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo Stelvio

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