Alfa Romeo Lea Concept is retro styled sports car is engrossing

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Alfa Romeo Lea Concept

When it comes to some of the most pleasing visually appealing road and sports car, Alfa Romeo has made a name of itself. In this post, we are going to talk about a concept which is not official but looks perfect as a continuity for brand’s rich legacy. It is dubbed as Alfa Romeo Lea Concept and is the brainchild of Luigi Memola. Lea stands for Linea Emozionante Aerodinamica and is a low slung, two-door sports car. It is an evocative design that combines retro-inspired elements with more modern components.

Alfa Romeo Lea Concept Alfa Romeo Lea Concept

Side profile of the Alfa Romeo Lea Concept is one of the views to see the concept. Front end features a pointed noise with pair of round headlights. The concept rides of unusual set of wheels that forces you to look at small doors and tapered side windows seamlessly connected to the windshield. The side profile also showcases the spoiler as well as the rear louvers. The rear of Alfa Romeo Lea Concept features several exposed carbon fiber components along with heap of mesh. Additionally, there is also quad tailpipes and a couple of sci-fi-looking taillights which are not affixed to the body.

Alfa Romeo Lea Concept Alfa Romeo Lea Concept Alfa Romeo Lea Concept

There are other design features that stands out easily with Alfa Romeo Lea Concept. For instance, there is thin, vertical headlights, circular fog lights, carbon fiber chin spoiler and a small Alfa Romeo grille. The hood incorporates a large air extractor and there are small, aerodynamically shaped cameras in place of traditional wing mirrors. Next supercar which will act as successor to the 8C Competizione will be mid-engine layout. Whatever maybe the case, the next car from Alfa Romeo will certainly be a stunning vehicle.

Alfa Romeo Lea Concept Alfa Romeo Lea Concept Alfa Romeo Lea Concept

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