Alfa Romeo Giulia Gets Tons of Complaints

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Alfa Romeo has lived up for his reputation and people have already started complaining. This time there are technical problems that are coming to light. During a recent first drive experience, James Mills reported various issues with Alfa Romeo Giulia. Now this is not so surprising as Alfa Romeo earlier models were also having various faults. So critics of automaker industry already understand that this company cannot simply produce something perfect.

On the other hand James also mentioned that out of four tested Alfa Romeo Giulia models, none of them was perfect. The first tested model was having lots of issues with infotainment system and the wheels were also not balanced properly. The second Alfa Romeo Giulia model was having faulty headlights that flashed automatically without any reason. The third model was having trouble with the parking sensors. These problems were not ignoble and users can face some serious frustration riding this model on common roads.

As per the reports the fourth model was facing issues with climate control system. It automatically stops blowing air from some of the air vents. This same model was also having problems with the infotainment system. To overcome this problem with infotainment system one has to stop the car and switch it on again to resume the normal working. Alfa Romeo Giulia is still facing so many problems but the company says that this happening because of car’s computer. They said that Alfa Romeo Giulia is programmed with thousands of lines of coding and fixing this won’t be a problem for them.

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    No one makes a perfect car. All my 37 years in manufacturing these issues point to lack of worker accountability & correct actionable process quality checks during build assembly. In all factories in Italy near 20% of the work force is absent each day, yet paid for all days off, another 20% has no position or assigned work, but sit at work playing cards and receive full wages per labor union contract regardless. The other 60 percent has little or no accountability for quality also by union fiat, so to speak. How’d you like to have trying to carry that baggage ruining your corp[orate bottom line year in, year out?
    At near $18 billion in the red, FCA,inc/spa should build Alfas in Germany or the United States?