Alfa Romeo crossover to be named as Stelvio

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Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA has confirmed the news of the upcoming Alfa Romeo crossover that is to be named as Stelvio. As per reports coming from Auto Express, Sergio Marchionne confirmed this news during his visit to the Cassino plant. He went there in order to announce the news of Alfa Romeo Giulia going into production on 14th of March. Not much about the name Stelvio has been said but this name is said to pay homage to the famous mountain pass situated in Italy. Alfa Romeo has recently announced their plans of introducing mid size crossover in either 2016 or 2017.

The company did not go into specs of the car but it is likely that the car will go into production later this year. It will go on sale during the early months of the year 2017. There is little info about this model from Alfa Romeo but it will be based on a platform of slightly modified Giulia. The new crossover from Alfa Romeo will share its engine options with Giulia. So buyers can expect a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine of 2.0 liter with 276 hp. Another engine option may consist of a biturbo 6 cylinder engine of 2.9 liter. This shall produce 505 hp and 443 lb ft of torque.

The Stelvio named model from Alfa Romeo is supposed to be joined by two more crossovers which are said to be introduced by the year 2020. This news has already excited various fans of Alfa Romeo and several car lovers as well. So let’s just wait for the day to arrive so that we can find out whether the name Stelvio goes well with the all new crossover from Alfa.

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