Ajlani Drakuma hypercar concept revealed with 1,200hp

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Ajlani Drakuma

A fascinating hypercar from United Arab Emirates made its debut at 2019 Dubai International Motor Show. Dubbed as Ajlani Drakuma, it looks like a car from far away future. This unworldly aesthetics is said to be inspired by Lamborghini as claimed by company’s founder Bashar Ajlani in an interview to Top Gear. Drakuma hypercar is said to have Pagani-inspired production which we can decipher as limited production. Ajlani have disclosed their intent to build 99 units of Drakuma. Each of the unit can be fully customized according to customer’s preference.

Ajlani DrakumaAjlani Drakuma

Wild styling of Ajlani Drakuma might make us speculate that it has a giant engine like the Devel’s 12.3-liter V16 quad-turbo. But it is powered with a V8 unit paired with turbochargers. Engine is mounted in the middle and reportedly develops an output of 1,200hp. The said figure is similar to what Bugatti Veyron Super Sport offer from 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo engine. In the same interview, it was revealed that chassis for Ajlani Drakuma has not been finalized. They are considering few options, but it will boast a carbon fiber body to make it lightweight.

Ajlani DrakumaAjlani Drakuma

Doors of Ajlani Drakuma will open like a dragon’s wing, but the images attached here are showing the doors closed. Interior images of the supercar are not visible as the windows are blacked out. Since, the car is actually a design prototype and will be built over the course of five years. It also represents Bashar Ajlani dream to create next Pagani. Some people might be critical of this design prototype reaching production, but they did showcase Drakum like they promised.

Ajlani DrakumaAjlani Drakuma


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