Aiways U5 set to become first electric SUV from China to hit Europe market

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Aiways U5 China Europe

The first vehicle from China to take on European’s electric market is Aiways U5. Shanghai-based Airways has managed to secure all the required permits and certifications to launch U5 SUV for European launch. Company is planning to sell Aiways U5 SUV by 2nd quarter of 2020. This news was announced by company’s co-founder Fu Qiang in an interview. Aiways U5 will go on sale in China by this month as reported by Autonews Europe. Debut of Aiways U5 will be eagerly and closely monitored by other Chinese automaker who are hoping to achieve success on this tough market.

Aiways U5 China EuropeAiways U5 China Europe

Drawing attention towards U5 SUV won’t be easy as customers are already hooked onto other players such as Tesla and Volkswagen. Aiways have adopted European variant of U5 to local requirements. In an interview, company’s co-founder stated that while others are still preparation period or further away from the planning, they are likely to become Chinese automaker to launch in Europe. One of the most difficult challenges faced by Aiways is to convince customers to make them believe that Chinese SUV can live up to their expectations. We must point out that other Chinese companies have failed in this venture before.

Aiways U5 China EuropeAiways U5 China Europe

Aiways U5 will be launched in China on 29th November and priced between 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan ($29,000 to $43,000). In Europe, they will reach customers through pop-up stores, various local partners and leasing offers. Starting price of Aiways U5 SUV is expected to be around €25,000 which is significantly less expensive than its alternative in this segment.

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