Acura TLX L Prototype will Hit Chinese Street Towards Year end

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Acura TLX L Prototype

Acura is simply the best company to produce mid range cars. They provide high quality driving exprience with amazing performance. But if you are not so happy with Acura TLX, then now you will have the option for Acura TLX L Prototype. Acura revealed its latest model known as TLX L Prototype at Shanghai this week. As we all know that Shanghai Auto Show is going on, and many companies are revealing their models. This model is quite similar to Hyundai latest model that was revealed in NewYork.

Acura TLX L Prototype

One thing good about this model is the added space for rear passengers. Acura TLX L Prototype has increased the rear wheelbase that allowed the model for extra space. The company has not yet declared any length and any performance parameters yet. They have kept the details to themselves. But mainly they have just released only 2 images. If we judge the model just by looks, then it looks like a stylish model. And it will definitely attract lots of attention from customers too.

The Japanese company has also confirmed that Acura TLX L Prototype has already went for production. The said that the ready to use model will hit the streets of China till the end of this year. So, that’s definitely a good news for Chinese market. Chinese market is inclined towards Long Wheelbase models. It provides extra space and comfort for rear sear passengers. People in China are more focussed towards being driven rather than driving themselves.

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