Acura NSX celebrates 30 years since concept debut in video

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Thirty years ago at Chicago Auto Show, a legend was born in the form of Acura NS-X Concept in 1989. It was the genesis for the production version of which came in the year 1991. Thirty years later, Acura is returning to Chicago Auto Show to celebrate this epic milestone. On this occasion, they will host a panel discussion and two people will discuss about NSX in details and how it affected their life for good. These two gentlemen to discuss about Acura NSX are Vice President and General Manager of Acura, Jon Ikeda and Csaba Csere, former editor-in-chief of Car and Driver magazine.

Acura NSX Old and NewAcura NSX Old and New

Jon Ikeda’s 28 years career at Acura began with the launch of NSX. Incidentally, Csaba Csere was one of the first journalists to drive the Japanese supercar and also drove the current NSX. During the panel discussion, they will discuss about its origin along with how it impacted automotive world. Role of next-gen NSX will also be discussed and it impact in renaissance of Acura brand. In addition to mark 30th anniversary of NSX, Acura has released a throwback video of 1991 NSX along with current NSX. They have also released unseen images of original NS-X Concept.

Acura NS-X Concept at 1989 Chicago Auto Show 11991 Acura NSX

NS-X Concept featured SOHC V6, but the production version used DOHC V6 with VTEC valvetrain with 270hp. It was done as DOHC VTEC’s cylinder head was wider than the head of the SOHC engine, causing engineers to extend the wheelbase and increase the front and rear overhangs to accommodate the engine. During the prototype test, it was concluded that NSX could use more power. However, the most important part of development of Acura NSX development was the input from Aryton Senna’s input after he drove the prototype at Honda’s Suzuka Circuit in 1989.

1991 Acura NSX

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