Acura admitted focusing on Lexus and Infiniti went awry

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Acura Advertising Direction 1

Jon Ikeda, General Manager of Acura remembered an old ad about 2014 RDX which has the simple message of “Stay True. And let the metal speak.” He admitted that company went off course with their philosophy and roots. This disconnect was evident from the vehicles it produced and its advertisement. During Automotive News’ Marketing 360, Jon Ikeda said that their message went in wrong direction and thus led to Infiniti and Lexus came out as serious rivals. It was Japan based first luxury brand, and performance was the DNA of it.

Acura Advertising Direction

NSX was one such model and it was released few years after Acura’s launch. With this new model, it solidified brand’s performance credentials. Mainstream models such as Legend and Integra made merry with Honda’s finely tuned powertrain. However, in their bid to establish itself among other they strayed from their roots. Ikeda added that they started chasing what was in and what the market was talking about. Since, they didn’t stay true to themselves, Acura lost their way. Now, Acura is more truthful and what they are trying to achieve.

Acura Advertising Direction

Earlier, Jon Ikeda worked in design department and he was shifted to current position in the year 2015. Under his guidance, Acura adopted ‘Precision Crafted Performance’ philosophy and concentrated more on design. It was evident from Acura Precision Concept that was revealed at 2016 Detroit Auto Show. Actor Michael B. Jordan is working as narrator and can be seen on series of new advertisement. Acura want to portray itself as vibrant and enthusiastic company and are achieving that objective through these advertisements.

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