ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid Concept to have 1004hp and whopping acceleration

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ABT Sportsline specializes in tuning Audi along with other Volkswagen and other sub brands such as Skoda and SEAT. They have tuning Audi for a long time and have already tuned Audi RS6 Avant. However, this time around they have come up with a concept that outdid all their previous work. ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid Concept is based on the company’s latest model and it has received in-house developed engine control unit along with modified exhaust system. An electric motor has been added in transmission tunnel that comes from ABT Sportline’s RS6-E. It brings forward extra boost to the rear axle with just a push of a button.

ABT Audi RS6-E HybridABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid

The combined of the ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid Concept is 1,018PS and 1,291Nm of torque. This power comes from 4.0 liter V8 unit that offers 730hp and an extra 288hp from aforementioned transmission tunnel. The internal combustion engine works in conjugation with electric motor that is backed by 13.6kWh battery. ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid Concept takes just 3.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62mph before hitting the top speed of 199mph. If we compare this number with ABT’s RS6 without electric motor, it is slower by 0.4 seconds and has top speed of 155mph.

ABT Audi RS6-E HybridABT Audi RS6-E HybridABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid

The exterior of ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid Concept has been tweaked and is evident from film wrap that mimics the design of a printed circuit board and comes with aerodynamic package. Aerodynamic package includes front lip and skirt add-ons, fender insets, new side skirts, and rear spoiler. H&R suspension springs have been used to lower the ride height and 21 inch wheel set can be seen. The interior also features several upgrades like green accents and RS6-E and ABT lettering embedded into the front seats. Green accents signify hybrid power. The tuning company didn’t specify anything regarding the production version of ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid.

ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid SpecsABT Audi RS6-E HybridABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid

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