2020 Toyota Supra BMW-sourced engine explained in-depth

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With the arrival of new Supra, the online media is buzzing with information and other details. However, one of the most talked about aspect of the Supra A80 is the iconic 2JZ 3.0-liter inline-six engine, especially the more famed that comes in 2JZ-GTE twin-turbo guise. 2020 Toyota Supra uses BMW-sourced 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine which is codenamed as B58M30 01. The engine offers similar output to that of 2JZ-GTE which is 335hp and 494Nm compared to 320hp and 427Nm. One might compare the current engine of 2020 Toyota Supra with 2JZ-GTEm but it’s too early to say.

Engineering Explained has put out a detailed video that shows BMW-sourced engine has closed-deck block which enables it to take higher amount of boosts without any hiccups. This type of similar design has been adopted by other high-powered custom build models such as from Subaru. Nonetheless, it is appreciated that engine is now able to squeeze more power, but we keep in mind that it uses alloy block as opposed to indestructible iron alloy in 2JZ. In other words, B58 won’t be able to take that much extra horsepower.

This might create some issue in aftermarket, but we must keep in mind that B58 has spray-on cylinder liners that doesn’t allow re-machining and sleeving. There are many things to know about the engine of 2020 Toyota Supra especially its 3.0 liter engine. In this video, you will also find twin-scroll turbocharging works. Check out the details of the engine of new Supra.

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