2020 BMW M340i detail emerges ahead of Los Angeles debut

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2020 BMW M340i

Performance fans from all around the world are eagerly waiting for the new BMW M3. It is anticipated as the seventh-generation 3-Series was released. 2020 BMW M340i will make its debut at Los Angeles Auto Show. 2020 M340i is dubbed as most powerful non-M 3 BMW have ever made. Thankfully, German luxury automaker spilled few details about the vehicle and gives us a glimpse what to expect from the new M340i. At the core of the 2020 BMW M340i, there is turbocharged 3.0 liter straight inline-six engine. The engine offers an output of 382hp and 500 Nm of torque. The power makes it more powerful than the two latest iterations of M3.

2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i

Full specifications of the 2020 BMW M340i are yet to be released, but M340i xDrive will be able to accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds. Just like any other BMW models, the top speed will be electronically limited to 155mph. Power in the engine is transferred to rear wheels or all four on xDrive model through eight-speed automatic transmission. 2020 BMW M340i features M sports suspension or available active setup with new-fangled lift-related dampers. Other features include electronically controlled differential, a variable steering rack, and upgraded brakes that measures 13.7 inch at the front (via four-piston calipers) and 13.6 inch at rear (via a single-piston caliper).

2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i

As you can see from the attached images of 2020 BMW M340i, changes have been made to the exterior and interior. The new BMW M340i is set to be a great driver’s car because of the near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, low center of gravity, M Sport Limited-slip differential and 25 percent stiffer body. Pricing has not been announced, but we will get to know when launch is imminent by next summer.

2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i 2020 BMW M340i

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