2020 Audi Q7 gets new PHEV powertrain and 27 miles of electric range

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Audi revealed a revised Q7 that gives the SUV same design treatment like the rest in the range. Nonetheless, 2020 Audi Q7 also gains a new plug-in hybrid powertrain with different outputs for two different models. They are 2020 Audi Q7 55 TFSIe and Q7 60 TFSIe. At the core of 2020 Audi Q7 resides turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 TFSI engine. It offers an output of 335hp and 450 Nm of torque. Engine is supported by an electric motor that increases the output. Q7 55 TFSIe generates 375hp and 600 Nm of torque whereas Q7 60 TFSIe offers 450hp and 700 Nm of torque.

2020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q7

The electric motor into the eight-speed automatic transmission whereas a liquid-cooled 17.3 lithium-ion battery pack gives necessary electric energy. Audi said that both these PHEV models offers a driving range of up to 26.7 miles on a single charge as per WLTP cycle. When boost mode is activated in Q7 60 TFSIe, it is able to hit 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds and Q7 55 TFSIe takes 5.9 seconds. Both of them have a top speed of 155 mph. When electric motor is used alone, it can reach a speed of up to 84mph. Fuel economy for combined is rated at 94 mpg UK and CO2 emissions is between 64 and 69g/km.

2020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q7

2020 Audi Q7 PHEV models features an advanced hybrid management system that starts car in fully electric mode. Hybrid mode offers two options which are Auto and Hold. Auto options choose mix of petrol/electric power is used when route guide is selected. It saves electric power when it is driven in city and heavy traffic. When Hold option is chosen, existing battery level is retained with help from onboard brake energy recovery system and used it when preferred. There is also a feature called “freewheeling” that switches off the engine and recuperates kinetic energy back to the battery. German automaker claims that it can recover 25 kW of power with this method.

2020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q72020 Audi Q7

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