2019 Toyota Auris showcases its new TNGA platform, without interior images

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2019 Toyota Auris

When Toyota first revealed its new Auris, they surprised everyone with its styling as it was drastically different from the predecessor. 2019 Toyota Auris also disclosed company’s new TNGA global platform on which it will ride. With this new platform, Japanese automaker claims that Auris is much better with respect to handling and is much more responsive. The predecessor had rather unforgettable driving experience and this news will certainly will soothe nerves of Toyota fans. The center of gravity of 2019 Toyota Auris is lower and front-to-rear weight balance is also improved.

2019 Toyota Auris2019 Toyota Auris

These changes not only improve weight balance but also make it much more stable. The stiffer body helps in making the ride much more comfortable like never before. The proportions of the 2019 Toyota Auris have been changed that makes it more distinctive and dynamic. The length of new Toyota Auris is increased by 40mm which is because of longer wheelbase. The body is lowered by 23mm and width is increased by 30mm. 2019 Toyota Auris will be available with two hybrid options which is first for any Toyota models.

2019 Toyota Auris2019 Toyota Auris

The first one is 1.8 liter petrol unit with electric motor (120hp). The second one is 2.0 liter petrol-electric powertrain (178hp). Toyota is also offering ‘energized drive’ feature with the help of steering-mounted paddles for extra engagement. Diesel option is not available with Auris. But if a customer wants non-hybrid version they will have to be content with 1.2 liter turbo petro unit that gives 114hp. Its performance figures or fuel economy has not been revealed along with its interior. It will be revealed in coming months when the date nears of its arrival.

2019 Toyota Auris2019 Toyota Auris

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