2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus to have more than 200 miles range

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2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus

The long range Nissan Leaf is not too far and it has already been spotted at a charging station. Thankfully, Japan based automaker has released details of this electric vehicle. Company’s director of EV Marketing and Sales Strategy said in an interview to Autocar that it will be called E-Plus and will hit the market as the MY2019 model. He further added that the 2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus is equipped with upgraded electric motors that offer 200hp or 149 kW. If we compare it with standard Leaf, it only offers 147hp. Brian Maragno added with bigger battery with more capacity increases the scope for more output.

2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus

The additional output balances the effect of heavy battery pack and offers enjoyable driving experience. It is expected that the battery pack would have capacity of 60kWh and it will have driving range in excess of 200 miles. Actual specifications hasn’t been revealed yet 2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus range will is a significant improvement over the standard model that has the driving range of 151 miles on a single charge. Brian didn’t disclose when the 2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus will be revealed but as it is 2019 Model, it should be quite soon.

Nissan won’t be participating in Paris Auto Show, so there is a good chance that Leaf E-Plus could debut at the November’s Los Angeles Auto Show. This is our wild guess as nothing official has been made public. Nonetheless, it won’t be surprising to see it introduced at the largest market of electric vehicles in US. Apart from talking about the 2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus, he talked his way out of Nismo conversation.

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