2019 Lexus RC gets an update, follows expensive LC styling

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2019 Lexus RC

Lexus RC Coupe has been in market for four years and it is time for it to get an update which is exactly what happened. 2019 Lexus RC new design follows closely to the luxurious LC and is all set to be showcased in Paris in the month of October. Few noticeable aspects of the 2019 Lexus RC include headlight that flows into the bumper, new air ducts in rear bumper and restyled meshed grille. All these changes give the new RC an edge to top its aggressive styling standing.

2019 Lexus RC2019 Lexus RC2019 Lexus RC

Lexus claims that aerodynamics has been improved in the 2019 RC along with suspension and powertrain. However, Japanese automaker hasn’t released any technical details regarding the same. Nonetheless, it will have 19 inch alloy wheels with gripping tires and mounted to a stiffer suspension with new shocks. It will make 2019 Lexus RC athletic and responsive to handle all types of road conditions. Minor but important changes have been in the inside of 2019 Lexus RC. New colors have been added to the range and one of the new one is Blue Vortex Metallic.

2019 Lexus RC2019 Lexus RC2019 Lexus RC

2019 Lexus RC Performance model will be distinguished with its own set of more focused features. New trim options have been added by Lexus to 2019 RC. At this point, we are more interested in fine-tuned powertrain whose details have not been disclosed. We will keep our eyes wide open to bring you further information when the release date nears. In coming months, we will know all about the 2019 Lexus RC at Paris Auto Show.

2019 Lexus RC2019 Lexus RC2019 Lexus RC

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