2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro, with 1000 hp, will be available in 25 units only

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2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro

2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro gets unwrapped by Specialty Vehicle Engineering. However, Camaro SS 1 LE stands as the inspiration model for this vehicle. Hence the 2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro surfaced showing off some of the unique stylings in the exterior. Thus the 2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro is equipped with custom graphics and hood in carbon fiber. However the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S performance tires wrap the wheels that measure 20-inch.2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro

Focusing on the cabin of the 2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro, it gets a number of minor modified styling. However, the Recaro sport seats, embroidered floor mats at the front and unique doorsill plates will call for your attention. However, the bigger modification is brought beneath the hood. Hence the 2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro gets its power from an LT12 V8 engine, gets enhanced to replace 6.8-liters. Moreover, the engine of the vehicle also features an all-new crankshaft, forged pistons of aluminum, supercharger, and CNC ported heads. However, the automaker also fitted the 2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro with all-new injection in the modified fuel system and all-new rods. Hence with such fittings and modifications, the vehicle can now result in yielding 745 kW (1000 hp) and 1185 Nm (875 lb-ft) of torque.2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro

However, with such an output, the 2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro gets stronger than Camaro SS. Hence the later vehicle is featured with a 6.2-liter LT1 V8 engine yielding 616 Nm (455 lb-ft) of torque ND 339 kW (455 hp). However, the 2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro also features electronic limited-slip differential, Magnetic Ride Control, stabilizer bars, springs and unusual bushings in the performance-tuned suspension. Hence highlights do not end over here. It is also equipped with modified cooling system and rotors in the Brembo braking system. The front measure is 14.5-inches and the rear being 13.3-inches. However, the automaker will stop their production after producing 25 units. Hence all the models will come up with coupe styling and will have the manual transmission. Though nothing about the pricing is revealed yet but you can certainly order the vehicle now.2018 Yenko Stage II Camaro

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