2018 Toyota Camry is sent by Toyota on Modern Day Cannonball Run

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2018 Toyota Camry

2018 Toyota Camry is rendered with an option of a 2.5-liter gasoline engine. It is also considered to be the perfect successor to the prestigious Cannonball Run. That was mainly developed during early 70’s. Hence, America’s Tire Race One Lap already accelerated 5914 km (3675 miles). It has also taken active participation over eight days on road seven courses. Toyota’s manufacturing plants are developed in West Virginia, India and Kentucky for three engineer teams. These three teams will take active participation in three trim racing levels of the Hybrid, SE, and XSE (re-designed Camry).

2018 Toyota Camry
2017 Toyota Prius will also participate in the three trim level racing. However, a present year the three trim races will start and close in India, South Bend. It will further take its involvement to the courses as follows- Joliet Illinois and Autobahn Country Club in 5th May, St. Louis and Gateway Motorsports Park in 6th May, Tulsa, Hallet Motor Racing and Oklahoma in 7th May. 8th May on Denver and High Plains Raceway, 9th May on Texas, Motorsports Ranch and Ft. Worth, 10th May on New Orleans and NOLA Motorsports Park, and 11th May on Kentucky, Bowling Green and NCM Motorsports as well.
2018 Toyota Camry
James Nicholas, Indian engineer of Toyota said that they are actively participating in track testing along with Camry Hybrid. However, other drivers of paddock have treated this as a matter of funny element, further said, Nicholas. He further declared that as they started passing on the track the 2018 Toyota Camry the atmosphere got totally changed. And he further thinks to surprise many car enthusiasts present during this act. During 2016 event of One Lap of America, the company tried every possible means to deliver their best-ever finish. Therefore, the second position was claimed by 2013 Toyota 86 in the Small Bore class of Sports GT. That was positively driven by the team of Kentucky.

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