2018 Koenigsegg Regera supercar impresses Jay Leno

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There are many rivals for the 2018 Koenigsegg Regera, but there is one feature that makes it stand out among others. It is equipped with patented Direct Drive system; it helps in reducing energy of the hypercar by 50% when compared with a regular gearbox. Recently, 2018 Koenigsegg Regera made its way to the celebrity car collector Jay Leno. He even has his own car talk show and took it for a drive in Los Angeles. His co-passenger was none other than Christian von Koenigsegg who took the passenger seat.

Both of them talked a lot about the car and standing next to it was iconic Koenigsegg Agera RS, but eventually took 2018 Regera on the road. Jay Leno was mighty impressed with the car even when he drove it for few minutes. Driving the 2018 Regera reminded him of Porsche Carrera GT. What he actually meant by this statement is that it is a game changer just like Carrera GT. Just a reminder for everyone, 2018 Koenigsegg Regera is powered with hybrid powertrain. Under the hood, there is twin-turbo 5.0 liter V8 engine combines with three electric motors. The combined output of the 2018 Koenigsegg Regera is 1,500hp.

Patented Direct Drive System provides an instant torque which is about 1,280Nm. This setup helps the 2018 Koenigsegg Regera to accelerate in straight line from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and takes 6.6 seconds and 20 seconds to hit 124mph and 250mph respectively. At the end of it, Jay Leno admitted that he prefers Regera over Agera RS. He reasoned that hybrid model is much more civilized and refined. Watch the complete video here.

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