2018 Buick Excelle Sedan launched for Chinese Market

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2018 Buick Excelle

China is an important for Buick and there are trying to launch new vehicles to gain more footholds. Buick Excelle is one such model from American brand that has been doing quite good there and thus is one of their core products. This sedan was introduced was introduced in the year 2003 and from then 2.7 million units of Excelle has been sold in China. Buick has sold same amount of vehicles in America alone and that says a lot. The original Buick Excelle was based on Daewoo Lacetti and it remained like that till 2016. Now, 2018 Buick Excelle has been introduced in China with lot of changes.

The original Excelle was replaced by XT hatchback that was based on Opel Astra and GT Sedan (based on Verano). Buick Excelle GX Wagon was introduced last year as a supplement. 2018 Buick Excelle replaces the original model. The original model was discontinued two years back, but the details of it has few. We have a single image of the sedan and the company claims that it has been designed from ground-up. The dimension of the wheelbase of 2018 Buick Excelle is 103 inches which is longer by 0.43 inches from previous version.

However, it is 0.9 inches shorter than Excelle GT. 2018 Buick Excelle promises to bring forward new technologies and technical features for safety, connectivity, fuel consumption and driving control. The interior will be more spacious. If everything goes according to plan, it won’t be far when Buick will be able to reach 10 million sales figure. Stay tuned to our website for more information which might arrive later.

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