2018 BMW i3S debuts with upgraded electric motor at Frankfurt Motor Show

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2018 BMW i3S

2018 BMW i3S is unveiled by Automobile Magazine. However, both i3S and i3 got early revelation by Automobile Magazine. 2018 BMW i3S is all set to launch at Frankfurt Motor Show. This all-new BMW packs an upgraded electric motor. However, it supposedly produces 137 kW (184 hp) and torque of 269 Nm (199 lb-ft). It is an increase of 10 kW (14 hp) and 20 Nm (15 lb-ft). Besides the upgraded motor, 2018 BMW i3S features a sport-tuned suspension. However, this decreases the ride height by about half an inch or 12.7 mm.2018 BMW i3S 2018 BMW i3S 2018 BMW i3S

The car even comes with lightweight alloy wheels of 20 inches. However, these are little bit wider than the ones on standard i3. When it comes to exterior, both 2018 BMW i3S and i3 consist of a new front bumper. Moreover, it comes with restyled fog lights. The standard i3 features plastic chunky body cladding. However, it is not present on the i3S. 2018 BMW i3S has metallic trim and black accents. The car even features the optional trim of Giga World. However, it boasts now the Brown Giga Natural Leather along with Grey Carum Spice Wool Cloth. Drivers would find the latest infotainment iDrive system elsewhere with Apple CarPlay compatibility. Well, the electric-only range of i3 stays unchanged.2018 BMW i3S 2018 BMW i3S 2018 BMW i3S

2018 BMW i3S features an improved charging cable. This allows the battery to replenish completely within just three hours.  Moreover, this is supposedly five times faster than the earlier charging cable of Level 1. Well, BMW has unveiled official pictures of both the models. The 2018 BMW i3S is confirmed to accelerate from 0-100km/hr within 6.9 seconds. Moreover, it can hit the highest speed of 160km/hr. With the range-extending optional engine, the dash from about 0-62mph takes about 7.7-seconds. However, the top speed doesn’t change. Well, this depicts that 2018 BMW i3S is 0.8 seconds compared to the standard model. And the top speed of the car is increased by 6 mph (10 km/hr).2018 BMW i3S 2018 BMW i3S 2018 BMW i3S

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