2016 GMC Sierra and Sierra HD have been introduced with trailering enhancements

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2016 GMC Sierra HD

GMC Sierra and Sierra HD have introduced with many trailering add-ons. The 2016 GMC Sierra HD can be equipped with new 5th wheel trailering/gooseneck prep package. This package shall cost an amount of $350. It consists of a frame mounted hitch platform. This one includes 5th wheel hitch/gooseneck ball hitch. Buyers will also get trailer wiring harness and a cap. This could be used in order to hide hitch platform when it is not in use. The price tag seems to be pretty modest. The package allows the truck to have trailering rating of up to 23,200 lbs.

2016 GMC Sierra HD2016 GMC Sierra HD

The 2016 GMC Sierra and Sierra HD can also be fitted with a new trailering camera. The camera system costs $999. It was developed with the help of Echomaster. The system includes a rear camera and 2 mirror mounted cameras. It has got infrared lighting tech. It has been placed at the back of a trailer. Video footage is sent by the camera to the cabin. The footage in the cabin can be viewed on IntelliLink infotainment system.

2016 GMC Sierra HD2016 GMC Sierra HD

The system has been designed so that it can support a 4th camera as well. This 4th camera would however be an optional one. The camera could be used inside the trailer, says GMC. This would monitor livestock during the time of transport. This add-on to the 2016 GMC Sierra and Sierra HD seems to be a beneficial one. These features would allow better and safer transport. GMC has always proved its worth in such matters. So this time, things turned out to be really favorable it seems.

2016 GMC Sierra HD2016 GMC Sierra HD

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