2006 Ford GT is set for auction Ford Lauderdale of RM Sotheby

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2006 Ford GT

It can’t be denied that the 2017 Ford GT is certainly cool. But if you get a chance to ride this 2006 Ford GT, then your conception might change a bit. However, this desirable example of the 2006 Ford GT has just surface up. It has been barely used for all these years. Set for the auction at Fort Lauderdale of RM Sotheby next year, had only traveled 10.8 miles after leaving its factory. However, it can be categorized among the world’s lowest mileage 2006 Ford GT. Moreover, this particular 2006 Ford GT is tagged within the price range of $300,000 and $350,000.2006 Ford GT 2006 Ford GT 2006 Ford GT

However, as the picture of this 2006 Ford GT reveals, the vehicle is absolutely spotless. Moreover, the intactness can be seen in the interior of the cars that still carry on the plastic covers of the seat. It also features the floor protector of Ford. However, the six-speed manual shifter still seems to bear the small warning label. Talking about the exterior of this 2006 Ford GT, it features the blue racing stripes on the white exterior. It is also equipped with brake calipers in red and silver wheels. The rear clamshell also reveals the same spotless feature as it does not show up any sign of dirt, debris or dust. However, you can have your dinner safely away from the supercharger without any worries.2006 Ford GT 2006 Ford GT

The engine of this 2006 Ford GT resembles any other Ford GT first-generation road car. It gets it power from the 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine. Moreover, the engine develops 500 lb-ft of torque at 3750 rpm and 550 hp in 6500 rpm. The rear wheel gets its power from the six manual transmissions and helix limited-slip differential. However, we need to look forward at the Fort Lauderdale of RM Sotheby next year to view this spotless beauty.2006 Ford GT 2006 Ford GT 2006 Ford GT

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