1981’s BMW M1 for sale on Ebay

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Did you wish to have a BMW M1 in your garage? It can be the dream of many. Though not produced very frequently but any news with M1 has successfully caught the attention. BMW has been always in the news with their launch of the M1s in the market. BMW M1 is hard to ignore for anyone who loves driving. Taking an example of one of the last 1981’s 58 M1s produced is one of the first and the true supercar in Dark Blue color and interior in black. The company is said to produce only 453 units of such M1s, was developed based on Giugiaro ideas and partially helped by Lamborghini. The car is said to have covered only 8,000 miles since bought. BMW M1 BMW M1 BMW M1

Peeping deep into some of the features of the BMW M1, the car is said to produce 275 hp from the M88/1 straight-six engine of capacity 3.5-liter. Being the property of a journalist, the car has traveled the world with his owner. It has crossed miles in South Africa, Mexico, Arizona, and New Zealand. The car is now being garaged in Miami. BMW M1 BMW M1 BMW M1

This rare edition car has not lost its charms throughout these years. It is being well-maintained and is now on sale in the market. Comes totally in original form, the owner has added a Blaupunkt audio speakers in the car. Not that all with the car, it comes with some histories that include car show plackards, tools, old registration stickers, and books. Even the lucky buyer will get the Pirelli P7 tires in original version with the car. Thinking it to be cheaper is totally the thinking of foolish. The sticker price given on Ebay for this BMW M1 is $658,000. BMW M1 BMW M1

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