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  • Honda is going to launch its electric car soon. They declared the official theme of it. The theme is named as ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’. Honda declared it in Las Vegas at the show of 2017 Consumer Electronics. 2017 CES model of Honda comprises many features. The model will have NeuV. It is an automatic concept …   Read More

  • 2017 Challenger GT AWD is now available officially. We knew that it was going to be launched and now it is here. The car comes with a 3.5 liter Pentasar V6. And this is a familiar part. The engine gives out horsepower of 305 along with 268 lb ft. 2017 Challenger GT AWD is outstandingly …   Read More

  • Donkervoort is Netherland’s exceptional car manufacturer. The company has just revealed its latest model of the vigorous D8 sports vehicle. It is titled as the Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS. The car derives its power from the 2.5 litre five cylindered turbocharged engine. The engine is sourced from Audi.There are no specific details about the power figures …   Read More

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