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  • It is been a week that the reports emerge that BMW i3 models will go into a sales stop state. However, reports say that BMW had ordered for this sales stop in all the United States i3 models. However, the company was on the edge of recollecting all the sales made in BMW i3 since …   Read More

  • Replacing Vantage is not an easy task, but Aston Martin has managed to do the unthinkable with the new Vantage. In the latest version of Aston Martin Vantage, aero aspect has been incorporated from chassis to the powertrain. Onboard technologies give it a breath of fresh air. The power in the new Vantage comes from …   Read More

  • In the past few months, there were many examples of Pink Lamborghini Aventador in the world market. The one Lamborghini Aventador SV that came in pink color was the creation of Liberty Walk, the Japanese company. However, the pink color proves to be a head turner for this one. The next example was the 2009 …   Read More

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