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  • BMW X8 will be based on underpinnings of X7. However, all the talk about the possible appearance of the car has opened up. It has opened the Photoshop manipulators’ appetite. These manipulators did not take much time to imagine the possible appearance of BMW X8. Aksyonov Nikita has created these renderings of BMW X8. However, …   Read More

  • The all-new 2018 Acura MDX will be arriving at the dealership from today and it will comes with two exterior color options and updated tech. The new model has a redesigned dual-screen user interface. The interface features intuitive menus and command structures. Another new addition is the 7inch capacitive touchscreen whose response time is faster …   Read More

  • Mercedes S560e was revealed this year at Frankfurt Motor Show and the company claimed that the plug-in hybrid will arrive in US at mid-2019. The S560e is an innovative hybrid drive unit in which torque converter electric motor and clutch are accommodated together. The aforementioned hybrid transmission is evolved through the basis of 9G Tronic …   Read More

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