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  • In the year 1989, Mazda introduced first MX-5 to the world at Chicago Auto Show. After thirty years and more than 1 million units later, Mazda has revealed 550 MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition at the same event. It is now up for grab in the UK. Production of Mazda 550 MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition is …   Read More

  • Porsche has finally introduced 718 Cayman GT4 and it marks return of the naturally aspirated flat-six in their mid-engined sports car. 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 looks like an instant collectible and brings back host of changes when compared with its predecessor. It includes brand new engine and more downforce. Suspension revision of the 2020 …   Read More

  • Honda has disclosed pricing details of the 2020My Insight for US market. Entry-level 2020 Honda Insight LX model is priced from $22,930 whereas EX and Touring is priced at $24,310 and $28,340 respectively. All these excludes destination fees of $930. Compared to 2019 insight, 2020 model is expensive by $100 at an entry-level stage. Power …   Read More

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