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  • If you have seen the Devel Sixty, then we must be sharing the same view. It resembles more of an army vehicle riding on the road. Hence it seems that it counts the other entire six-wheel vehicle like a child’s play. For the last four years, Devel engaged themselves in developing the ethereal Sixteen hypercar. …   Read More

  • We can finally confirm that Volvo and Lync and Co will be introducing compact Plug-in Hybrid car models by the mid of 2018. The powertrain in the compact Plug-in hybrid vehicle will comprise of 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine, electric motor, and crucial battery pack. There will also be seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox to put all of …   Read More

  • Tesla already made name by introducing Semi, but it had another surprise up their sleeves. They introduced 2020 Tesla Roadster and it can be categorized as sportiest vehicle from the electric automaker. Elon Musk had promised to introduce roadster and now he has finally done it. It has two sleek doors and adopts beautiful design. …   Read More

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