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  • According to Hyundai, there is a lot to learn from insects for the automotive industry. Hyundai claims that by learning insects, automotive industry can apply it while designing cars. This statement was given by Chung Eui-sun who is the Vice Chairman of Hyundai during an interview to Bloomberg. He said that South Korean automaker is …   Read More

  • Owning the all-new 2017 Ford GT is next to impossible as there is huge demand for it. However, there is good news for all interested customers; one of them is up for grabs at this weekend. 2017 Ford GT wears silver and is complemented by black stripes. It is the 48th model of the 250 …   Read More

  • Lexus is reportedly working on a new flagship. This news is based on the company’s latest patent filing in United States. Now the question arises what exactly this model is. AutoGuide reports that the luxury division of Toyota has recently registered a nameplate by the name of “LQ”. It is meant for “automobiles and structural …   Read More

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