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  • The electrified version of Leaf has finally arrived in UK and Nissan is not leaving anything to chance. Attractive pricing of Nissan Leaf 2.Zero Limited Edition will make it tempting for all UK customers. The customers can get their hands on Nissan Leaf 2.Zero Limited Edition via competitive pricing as it comprises of monthly cost …   Read More

  • When it comes to most expensive models around the world, Bugatti Chiron certainly make it evident. With a price tag of $2.99 million and astonishing performance figure, this hypercar is definitely most sought out car. Like many other automaker, it is not immune to recall which is exactly what happened. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration …   Read More

  • Expectations were that the Chevrolet 2019 Corvette ZR1 will be the twin-turbo mill. However, it appears that it is not going to happen in that way. The Chevrolet 2019 Corvette ZR1 is fitted with an LT5, 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine. Hence, the engine is certainly very special and Chevrolet did seem to deny the fact …   Read More

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