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  • It has been less than a year when we first came across the popular Ferrari GTC4Lusso. If Ferrari ever comes to think of a replacement of this model, they have to come up with something good. To opt for same shoot-brake format, it could come up with Ferrari 812 Superfast. Here is the rendered image …   Read More

  • We all know that automakers are concentrating a lot on making Hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Companies like Audi, BMW and Mercedes have already started making hybrid cars to offer the customers a wide variety of models to choose from. Walking on the same road, Kia is also planning to launch variants of the same …   Read More

  • 2017 Toyota Prius PHEV is one of those models that families love to own as its really useful for day-to-day ride. To make the market more competitive the company has decided to cut off the rates a bit in UK. Now the rate cuts are not just a normal ones, but it can save you …   Read More

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