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  • We all know that Infiniti is having that capacity to compete against big automakers. Recent news suggest that Infiniti Q60 Project S will definitely make its way to production. Bernard Michel the project manager confirmed that Q60 is definitely going to see the production line and it will give direct competition to Mercedes AMG and BMW …   Read More

  • Surely the automotive market is changing and along with that the needs of customers are changing. More and more people these days prefer automatic transmission. The higher end models are completely automatic. But that’s not the scenario with Spyker. As per the reports, their customers are demanding for Manual Transmission. Last week at NewYork Victor …   Read More

  • Maserati might have been in trouble since last few years. But it looks as if they are coming back to life. People who love this company and the cars seriously wish that they keep on producing amazing models. There were various news that company is not doing so well in last few years. But they …   Read More

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